Los Roques Archipelago is a unique undisturbed coral formation comprising an area of over 225.000 hectares of more than 40 impressive islands and keys, barely 80 miles from Venezuela´s mainland and Caracas international airport (Simón Bolívar).

This most fragile environment is protected as a National Park since 1.972 thus preserving an incredibly rich ecosystem that will allow you to discover pristine white sand beaches, explore underwater life along teeming coral reefs and enjoy magnificent diving, fishing, sailing and wind sports.

The main and only permanently inhabited island is Gran Roque, (est. rooms 3.000), site of the lodging, public and tourist services and the air strip.

The lodge, located on Gran Roque, close to the sea, was designed by re known Arch. Fruto Vivas, National Architecture Prize. We provide an “All Inclusive” Plan with daily motor-boat excursions to the islands and keys, lodging in handsome air conditioned rooms and superb meals

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Bequevé has only eight (8) rooms, providing our guests an exclusive and relaxed small scale service at all times being at the lodge, when sailing or on the islands

Los Roques main attraction is to visit the archipelago numerous islands. The daily routine is to sail by motor boat, after breakfast, to one of the keys to spend the day, or to perform one of the many activities available from professional operators (fishing, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, kytesurfing, paddling).

Our service includes lodging, boat excursion, shades and beach chairs, ice, soft drinks and domestic beverages, snorkeling, hefty breakfasts, beach lunch buffet and a delicious dinner based on “fish of the day”.

You will visit a different key each day departing from Gran Roque, combining neighboring and farther away islands during your stay, including our fascinating Noronquí Arriba Refuge.

Visits to distant Cays and specialized activities are optional and performed by professional operators. They can be organized thru Bequevé.

Los Roques is the main provider of lobster to Venezuela. Harvest season is from november 1st to march 30th each year. Bequevé offers lobster at dinner during season by prior arrangement and at an extra cost.